Key figures as of December 31, 2019*

EUR 310.6M
11.3% before FX effects from prior year
Adjusted EBITDA 2
EUR 91.5M
Adjusted EBITDA margin 3
2019 Number of Employees
128 new jobs added in 2019
[1] Is calculated as the difference between the current and historical period results translated using the current period exchange rates.
[2] Is calculated as EBITDA, adjusted for non-recurring items: IPO costs, one-time tax duty, Fidelity Bonus, provisions on litigations, extraordinary legal expenses and sale of non-strategic asset.
[3] Adjusted EBITDA margin, is calculated as adjusted EBITDA as a percentage of Revenue for the period.
* Alternative Performance Measures: These key figures contain certain financial measures of historical performance that are not defined or specified by IFRS, such as "constant currency", "EBITDA", "Adjusted EBITDA" or "CORE EBITDA", "Free Cash Flow", "Adjusted Free Cash Flow", "Net Debt" and "Leverage". Reconciliation of these measures as well as "CORE" financial measures is provided in the "Alternative Performance Measures" (APM) section of our 2019 Annual Report. These Alternative Performance Measures (APM) should be regarded as complementary information to, and not as a substitute for the IFRS performance measures. For definitions of APM, together with reconciliations to the most directly reconcilable IFRS line items, please refer section headed "Alternative Performance Measures" of the 2019 Annual Report. The 2019 Annual Report is available at