February 2, 2024

Medacta Group SA: Medacta Group SA revenues up +19.5% at constant currency1 exceeding the milestone of 500Mln € in FY 2023

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Medacta Group SA revenues up +19.5% at constant currency1 exceeding the milestone of Euro 500Mln in FY 2023 

  • FY 2023 revenue increased to Euro 510.8 million, or 19.5% c.c.1 (16.8% reported) from FY 2022;
  • Strongest growth occurred in EMEA with very good performance in APAC and North America;
  • Positive contributions from every business line with excellent results in Knee and Shoulder;
  • Robust supply chain key to enabling the accelerated growth;
  • Strong focus maintained on Medical Education;
  • 193 new jobs created, including salesforce expansion surpassing 1'700 employees at Group level.

CASTEL SAN PIETRO, 2 February 2024 – Medacta Group SA (“Medacta”, SIX:MOVE) announces today the full year 2023 preliminary unaudited revenue.

Francesco Siccardi, CEO of Medacta, commented: “We conclude another year with outstanding growth. Our strong commitment to innovate responsibly and sustainably, through minimally invasive techniques and personalized solutions remains one of the key pillars of our successful strategy. Our comprehensive offer and ongoing investments to support continuous growth will allow us to face the challenges that lie ahead in 2024, marking our 25th anniversary.

In 2023 we delivered solid organic growth, with a significant gain of new customers across all geographies and business lines. On top of the effective commercial development, we experienced some tailwind thanks to the recovery of the accumulated backlog mainly in USA and Australia.

Supply chain remains a key factor for our success, and in this regard, we launched two main projects to support our future plans: the inauguration of a new distribution center in Memphis for the US market and the expansion of our manufacturing plants in Switzerland.

Innovation is at the core of our growth strategy and allows us to differentiate our product offering and service portfolio. In October we launched GMK SpheriKA, the world's first knee implant optimized for Kinematic Alignment (KA), to improve patient satisfaction compared to more traditional techniques. Our continued commitment to medical education, through in-person scientific events and our M.O.R.E. Institute programs for surgeons, has been foundational to excellent performance throughout the entire 2023. 

Revenue by geography and product line

Group performance was very positive in every market thanks to a confirmed strong growth in EMEA, North America, and APAC. In every region the growth was sustained by organically expanding our salesforce and customer base together with some new product introduction.

Revenue in EMEA grew c.c. 22.6%, to Euro 242.4 million, a significant performance driven by all the Business lines.

Revenue in North America increased 15.7% c.c. to Euro 154.0 million, a strong performance boosted by some patient backlog recovery in the first half of the year.

Revenue in Asia Pacific grew by 19.4% c.c. to Euro 104.2 million.

Revenue in Latin America was Euro 10.2 million with an increase of 11.9% c.c.

Below we report the FY 2023 sales break-down by geographic area:

(Million Euro)
FY 2023 FY 2022 Reported Growth Constant Currency Growth  
EMEA* 242.4 196.7 23.3% 22.6%  
North America 154.0 136.8 12.6% 15.7%  
Asia Pacific 104.2 94.4 10.4% 19.4%  
Latin America* 10.2 9.3 9.0% 11.9%  
TOTAL 510.8 437.1 16.8% 19.5%  

* EMEA and Latin America (LATAM): In 2023 we reorganized the key geographic areas introducing EMEA and LATAM regions, reclassifying Rest of the World (RoW) region. EMEA includes revenue from the former Europe region and certain countries originally included in RoW region. LATAM includes revenue from countries located in Latin America which were previously included in RoW. 2022 figures have been restated accordingly.

Hip products increased revenue by 15.5% c.c., to Euro 229.8 million, with good performance in all geographies mainly driven by our Anterior Minimally Invasive Surgery Approach (AMIS) and Hip revision.

Revenue from our Knee offerings grew in every market by 23.2% c.c. to Euro 198.3 million, thanks to a solid and complete product offering based on our personalized kinematic alignment solutions (MyKA).

Our Extremities business line reported an increase in revenue of 33.8% c.c., to Euro 36.3 million, primarily attributable to Shoulder through the Medacta Shoulder System and Technologies (MyShoulder and NextAR). The Sportsmed business, which is in an early start-up phase, continued to develop its growth plan.

Revenue from our Spine offering increased by 15.2% c.c. to Euro 46.4 million, driven by performance recorded in EMEA and North America. Growth in APAC was partially offset by price cuts in Japan. Good acceleration seen on NextAR Spine utilization, recently supported by a clinical study which highlights its efficiency in spine surgery.

Below we report the FY2023 sales break-down by product line:

(Million Euro)
FY 2023 FY 2022 Reported Growth Constant Currency Growth
Hip 229.8 203.6 12.9% 15.5%
Knee 198.3 164.5 20.6% 23.2%
Extremities* 36.3 27.5 31.9% 33.8%
Spine 46.4 41.5 11.7% 15.2%
TOTAL 510.8 437.1 16.8% 19.5%

*  Extremities include Shoulder and Sportsmed revenues

These preliminary sales figures are unaudited for the period ending 31 December 2023 and are therefore subject to change. The Company will announce its 2023 Full Year Results on 13 March 2024.

Webcast Today at 3:00 pm (CET)

Medacta Group SA will present its preliminary unaudited top-line figures during a webcast today at 3:00 pm (CET). The call will be headed by Francesco Siccardi (CEO) and Corrado Farsetta (CFO) and will be held in English.



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